From: Rick E. | Program: Accreditation Assistance

Can you hear the Hallelujah Chorus singing? Thanks for all your help. I look to working with you more in the future.

From: Judy A. | Program: Accreditation Assistance

Your superior communication, consultation and training techniques are consistently excellent. As a result, you have provided a very clear understanding of our areas in need of improvement. We will review all of your findings and continue to modify and improve our sleep center policies and practices.

Thank you so much for always providing such effective, high quality service.

From: Larry R. | Program: Accreditation Assistance

Last week I finally received our Certificate of Accreditation from AASM. We completed all the Proviso’s and PASSED.

We greatly appreciate the effort that you made in getting us there. I will continue to use your services in the future and highly recommend you to any facility I encounter.

From: D. Walker | Program: Polysomnography Board Prep & Review

Thank you for bringing this program to our facility. I feel your organization will be a valuable tool in providing education to our staff. I look forward to networking with you as we continue our careers.

From: A. Ahmed | Program: Sleep Center Management

Mary Kay, you are an inspiration and tower of learning for all. Those who are looking for improving skill of management must spend time with you to treasure your personality. You have a way of addressing the audience and you keep us spellbound by your enchanting politeness and speech.

From: A. Galliguez | Program: A-STEP & Board Prep & Review

I passed my exam on the very first try this afternoon! Thank you so much for helping me review for this difficult test. I certainly wouldn’t have been able to handle it without help. I really appreciate the A-STEP program and Board Review that was provided by Sleep Health Management Resources, Inc!

From: R. Ledet | Program: Sleep Health Board Prep & Review

I just want to say “THANK YOU” so much for being the instructor that you are and to let you know that your passing rate just went up!!!  I passed my RPSGT exam and all thanks to you! Your teaching strategy that you used in class was amazing and very thorough. I will definately refer any and EVERYONE I know to take your course. You brought life to the classroom and spiced it up with a few of your tactics to ensure we grasp the concept of each and every topic covered. So just like I put on my survey at the end of the course, I’ll have to say it again MARY KAY ROCKS!!!!

From: C. Dowler | Program: A-STEP Program

Mary Kay, you are an excellent teacher. I have had many that were very dry. You kept it interesting. Thank you!

From: S. Reddy | Program: A-STEP Program

Mary Kay, thank you for your brilliant teaching skills. My friends were right when they told me that Mary Kay was the best instructor in the whole world. I have already referred five people to your program.

From: A. Mainville  | Program: Sleep Health Board Prep & Review

I took the exam this past weekend and PASSED! So happy it’s over and glad I did well. I couldn’t have done it without the prep course. It really helped me put everything together and figure out what I needed to study. Mary Kay is an excellent instructor.

From: L. Cross | Program: Sleep Health Board Prep & Review

I had been studying for my RPSGT exam on my own for months. I took the two-day prep course from Mary Kay. Two weeks later I took my RPSGT exam. I passed with flying colors! The prep course helped me with areas I was weak in and gave me practical examples of what I needed to study. The course pin pointed the information I needed to know in a clear and concise format. I am sure this course was a key factor in helping me pass my exam. I thank you so much for teaching skills and the program!

From: R. Orf | Program: A-STEP Program

I just took the BRPT exam on Saturday, and I passed with flying colors.  I got “above competence” in all of the domains.  I know that my A-STEP training with Sleep Health Management Resources helped me achieve my goal of passing the test and becoming a RPSGT.  Thank you!!!